The Riga Latvian Society in the framework of the European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism programme „NGO Fund” sub programme’s „Project’s programme” project „Let’s open the world for opportunities and skills” (No. 2012.EEZ/PP/1/MAC/054/022)

invites to attend the practical seminar

"Determination, planning and implementation of the necessity of alternative and innovative social services by attaching local resources”

On September 17 and 18 in Jelgava,

In Jelgava City Council Society integration administration’s premises  
Sarmas Street 4, Jelgava

The aim of the seminar is to popularise the implementation and approbation of the innovative social services and activities for social, educational, culture workers, NGO representatives in the work with socially less protected people groups, promoting enlargement and improvement of the non-governmental organisations’ offered social services.

All the representatives of the educational, local municipality, social sphere institutions, non-governmental organisations, including employees of social care centres, children care centres and other social services providing institutions, culture workers, library workers and representatives of mass media are welcome.    
Number of participants ~ 15 people

Seminar’s schedule:
September 17 and 18   from 10.00 - 16.30
In the seminar’s programme: Presentations of the participants. Group work: defining of the topical problems. Analysis of problems. Examples of the positive experiences in Latvia and abroad. Exchange of the practical experiences. Presentation about Riga Shelter’s work. Presentation about the development of the Riga Shelter Day Centre and its work. Questions and answers. Layout and analysis of different occasions and problems, using the “reverse film’s” principle. Discussions with the lecturers about the seminar’s participants’ proposed questions. Group work presentations. Discussions. Conclusion of the seminar.

Each seminar’s day will have a coffee break. At the end of the seminar each participant will receive a certificate.

The seminar will lead the lecturers with a long-term practical experience in social work:

Iveta Karađniece – the senior social worker of the Riga Shelter Day Centre.  Has been working in the social sphere since 2003. During this period has been working as an organiser of social aid, social worker and senior social worker in Riga Social Department’s Northern Region’s departments. Since 2009 has been working in the new-opened Riga Shelter Day Centre.  
Education: Social Work and Social Pedagogy College “Attîstîba” (“Development”), pre-school teacher, technician-technologist in the sewing factory. Changes in the country made Iveta to revalue the work spheres, however her hobby – work with people and creativity has been present in all her working spheres.  

Dagnija Kamerovska – Director of the Riga Shelter from 2007. Has been working in the social sphere since 2000 as a carer, social worker, senior social worker in the Riga Shelter and a social worker in the Latvian Disabled People Cooperation Organisation SUSTENTO.
Education: Social Work and Social Pedagogy College “Attîstîba” (“Development”), before that – agronomist – gardener.

We will practically solve topical questions, will analyse particular events and examples, will share experience, learn and plan the particular works, because
Everything that is impossible is possible; it only takes more work to do…!

All the interesents are welcome to apply for the seminar until September 12, 2014, as the number of participants is limited!  
The participants should register by sending the application to the e-mail:, specifying: 
•    Name, last name
•    Name of the organisation
•    Phone
•    E-mail

More information:
Phone: +371 29529668
Riga Latvian Society, Meríeďa Street 13, Riga, LV-1050

You and all your colleagues are welcome!

Project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.This publication has been made with European Economic Area’s Financial Mechanism’s and State of Latvia financial support.The Riga Latvian Society is responsible for the content of the publication.