«Calques and half-calques in Latvian language – grey spot in Latvian lexicology” – narration by Juris Baldunčiks

«Calques and half-calques in Latvian language – grey spot in Latvian lexicology” – narration by Juris Baldunčiks

On March 3, at 18.00 in the Riga Latvian Society House Juris Baldunčiks – Doctor of philology, Professor of Translation studies faculty of Ventspils University College and Latvian Academy of Sciences Terminology Commission’s Chairman will narrate. Theme of the narration - «Calques and half-calques in Latvian language – grey spot in Latvian lexicology”. The meeting organises RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group.

If a new concept enters the language, then people start to name this word or phrase with a straight translation from some foreign language – in language terminology it is called “calque”. This method is known for already centuries, that is why we receive the calques that have entered the language successfully without any difficulties. From German or Russian languages we use such calques as “general meeting” (Vollsammlung), “handwriting” (Handschrift) and “exhibition” (Ausstellung). During the first independency period of the Republic of Latvia, when the first helicopters were designed, the Latvian calque “screw-wing” was proposed as the word for naming the helicopter.

During the last decades new concepts come in large amounts into the language, and it is good that not all of them have been translated word for word, and exactly these words that have been borrowed from different languages can make surprise, dislike and misunderstandings. For example, "flashmob", whose correct translation in Latvian was nominated as the Year’s Word 2010, and in 2004 the calque “masterplan” in Latvian was much criticized. The unsuccessful calque is “pilot project” in Latvian, because it is not connected with pilots; the correct word would be “experimental project” in Latvian translation.

The linguists, language users and sectors’ specialists have a lot of things to research and evaluate. People, who have interest in Latvian language problems – Latvian Language Advancement Group meet on the first Monday of each month (except July and August) in the Riga Latvian Society House.
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