IV International Festival of Oriental Art & Music

IV International Festival of Oriental Art & Music
August 18th – 23rd November, 2017.

The motto of the Festival is "The crossroads of cultures, melodies and rhymes of the East and the West". "RUMI FEST" has been inspired by the genius of the great Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi, honoured equally as in the East as in the West. The Festival concerts are not merely an opportunity to enjoy amazing music and vocals, but also to hear the sound of traditional for the East, though unconventional for Latvia musical instruments.

This year the festival welcomes the following participants – Latif Bolat (Turkey), the groups "TANEEN-O-TAN ENSEMBLE" and "AHOORA BAND"(Iran), Igo (Latvia).

Latif Bolat is one of the most well-known Turkish musicians in the US. His mesmerizing performances draw on ancient texts and employ traditional instrumentation such as the Saz (long necked lute). With a vast repertory that includes songs in classical, folk and Sufi music styles, he accompanies his singing on the baglama and various other traditional instruments from the Turkish folk music tradition.

Specializing in the ancient Turkish devotional music genre, Latif Bolat has been received with appreciation and enthusiasm throughout the world, as he provides a unique philosophy and approach to the performance of traditional music. By creating an intimate, almost "storytelling" atmosphere, he explains Turkish folk and devotional music and its sociopolitical and cultural elements.

In addition to the concerts and lectures around the world, Latif Bolat released four CD’s, composed soundtrack music for TBS documentary "Mohammed: Legacy of a Prophet" and George Lucas Studios TV series "Young Indiana Jones". With poet Jennifer Ferraro, he translated a compilation of ancient Turkish Sufi poets entitled "Quarreling with God: Mystic Rebel Poems of the Dervishes of Turkey" which was published in September 2006 by White Cloud Press.

Tickets can be purchased:

•      on Biļešu Serviss website www.bilesuserviss.lv,

•      at Biļešu Serviss ticket desks around Latvia,

•      at the Riga Latvian Society Haus before the concert.

Information: (+371) 28252314