IV International Festival of Oriental Art & Music

 IV International Festival of Oriental Art & Music
August 18th – 23rd November, 2017.
The motto of the Festival is "The crossroads of cultures, melodies and rhymes of the East and the West". "RUMI FEST" has been inspired by the genius of the great Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi, honoured equally as in the East as in the West. The Festival concerts are not merely an opportunity to enjoy amazing music and vocals, but also to hear the sound of traditional for the East, though unconventional for Latvia musical instruments.
This year the festival welcomes the following participants – Latif Bolat (Turkey), the groups "TANEEN-O-TAN ENSEMBLE" and "AHOORA BAND"(Iran), Igo (Latvia).

It is through the convergent alchemy of time-honored traditions, those of Iran and Armenia, and a poetic contemporary vision, that the TANEEN-O-TAN ENSEMBLE leads us into a world where mystical sensitiveness and creative virtuosity entwine to serve an artistic, deeply original and innovative quest.

Created and directed by Madjid Khaladj, influenced by the Persian breath and the Armenian respiration as well, the intoxicating and hypnotic rhythms of ecstatic dance. 
The ensemble originated from the encounter of three musicians, two singers (male and female), with the same synchretic aspiration. The musical creations of the TANEEN-O-TAN ENSEMBLE are an invitation to a dreamlike journey. Powerful and dynamic, they are timeless.
Madjid Khaladj
“The most fascinating percussionist of Persian art music (Le Monde)”, a traditional master and a pedagogue well known throughout the world. He has worked with the greatest masters of Persian music and has created compositions for Hollywood film directors such as Ry Cooder and Lisa Gerrard.
Rouben Haroutunian
Born in Iran in a family, where singing is a tradition he inherited. His curiosity has also led him to study classical music as well as European baroque music and Flamenco singing. Rouben is a founding member of the musical ensembles Eptachordio (baroque), Kotchnak (traditional Armenian) and Arena Blanca (flamenco), he has performed in numerous concerts throughout the world.
Sara Hamidi
Born in Esfahan in Iran, she has practiced the “radif” classical repertoire for several years with Master Maedeh Tabatabaei, himself a pupil of the great singing master Mohammad Reza Shadjarian. 
She has been an opera student at the Conservatoire de Saint-Maur. Today, Sara Hamidi is one of the most promising female singers of her generation, belonging to an authentic school of singing owing to the timbre of her voice. 
Shadi Fathi
Shadi Fathi trained to play the setar with the tar and setar great master Dariush Tala’i. She became a setar concert soloist at only fifteen. To improve her knowledge she has studied tombak with Arash Farhangfar, and daf with Mehrdad Karin-Khavari in the Iranian Kurdistan. She has participated in numerous projects (music, dance, theatre) that she has enriched with her practice of Persian classical music.
Artyom Minasyan

He was born in Vedi, Armenia, in 1979. In 1999, he entered “Komitas”, the National Conservatory of Music in Erevan, in the department of popular instruments in order to enhance his study of Duduk. He takes part in numerous concerts through the world. His art is pure, powerful and wide-ranging, he undoubtedly stands among the best contemporary Duduk players.

An Iranian music group the AHOORA BAND guided by Hamid Reza Khojandi was formed in 2004 (1382 anno Hegirae) under umbrella of the Ministry of Islamic culture of Iran.
The band plays music prone to different regions and nations in their country and uses a 
The group AHOORA BAND gives concerts as in Iran, as abroad. They performed at Mehrejan Festival in Dubai in 2005, has had many concerts in co-operation with Tanboornavazan Bistoon, which made a name in Indonesia in 2013. In 2016 AHOORA BAND gave great performances at Mevlana International Festival in Konya, Turkey.

The group leader and founder Hamid Reza Khojandi started to perform in teenager bands from a young age, continued together with well-known masters of stage performances, as well as with solo concerts. He was a nominee and a prize winner at various Iranian student musical festivals. During his artistic life Hamid Reza Khojani has released several musical albums (orchestral, Kurdish, Bakhtiari, Arabic and pop), has written music to TV series and TV shows. He has also written a number of study books on learning musical instruments, singing ABC and music theory.