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The Riga Latvian Society (RLS) is a voluntary, independent non-governmental
organization founded in 1868. Riga Latvian Society is the oldest Latvian organization
in the world. It is the place for important historic and culture events in Riga and

The work of the Riga Latvian Society includes cultural and public activities,
organizing cultural projects and programmes and renting the historic Riga Latvian
Society premises: Big Hall, Gold Hall, White Hall, Līgo Hall, Kluba Hall and Gold
Hall salon that are appropriate for different events – conferences, concerts, social
gatherings, exhibitions, dances, and meals.


The luxurious, historic building and the professional specialists, who have large experience in organizing different kinds of events, invite you to become our clients and collaboration partners.

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The sound recording – narrations about Rasma Grīsle (1922 – 2013) and Rūdolfs Hofmanis (1921 – 2014) are available

On June 2, 2014 in the Riga Latvian Society House – place, where 110 years ago Latvian Language Section was founded (leaders – Kārlis Mīlenbachs, Jānis Endzelīns), that was making link between specialists of Baltic languages, Latvian lexicography and language praxis and every active and responsive language user and interesent, the RLS Latvian Language Advancement Group (LVAK) organised the remembrance evening “«Our language strength – duration and its values’ guards in our memories “.

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Children and youth creative works’ exhibition in the NGO House

In the middle of June, a few days before Ligo night, the NGO House premises were ornamented with beautiful decorations – children and youth visual art works were placed in the house premises. In the exhibition have been united creative works that have been made with special love, sincerity and diligence. The exhibition consists of works from the creative work competition “Me and My Motherland” that took place in winter and spring and Strazdumuiža Boarding school - development centre for the visually impaired and blind children paintings that display themes from the musical comedy’s “Bastien and Bastienne” plot.

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Riga Latvian Society’s surrounding environment’s cleanups

On June 20 the Riga Latvian Society organised cleanups to clean up the surroundings of graves of the cultural workers, who have been connected with the Society’s history and other important culturally historical places.

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“POPULAR together with a friend!”- creative workshop, activities and mini festival for children and youth

The Riga Latvian Society and creative association for youth “TREPES” are organising workshops, activities and mini festival for children and youth from June to August 2014. The title of the educational and creative events’ cycle is “POPULAR together with a friend!” and its main aim is to promote children and youth to spend their free time actively and thoughtfully. The opening event of the cycle will take place on June 26, at 14.00 in the Voluntary Participation House in Mūkusalas Street 72, 3d floor.

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